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We receive at least 10 emails from victims of Dutch scam lotteries or other fake companies per week! There is still no official web site in English to which we can point them. While Amsterdam is known as the home of the 419 lottery scam, neither the Dutch police nor any other authorities in The Netherlands seems to be interested in helping victims. It's a shame!

Read the following guide on how to report fraud to the authorities in The Netherlands. Thanks to the Dutch scambaiter who translated this information!

Victims should take this document and contact their local Dutch Embassy. Download it in your own language and in Dutch. Read it, and collect all the information mentioned in it. Take all the information, and the Dutch form, to your local Dutch Embassy. They can call the Dutch police and verify if you have a case against them. They can help you file your case!

You may download it in Dutch (doc or pdf), English (doc or pdf), Spanish (doc or pdf), Norwegian (doc or pdf), Finnish (doc or pdf), German (doc or pdf), Japanese (doc), Russian (doc), Italian (doc), and French (doc).

Korps landelijke politiediensten

Subject: Fraud investigation
Referentie: C. Schep
Phone: +31 79 345 8900
Phone: +31 79 345 9300
Fax: +31 79 345 8792
Fax: +31 79 345 9396

The Dutch National Fraud bureau of the Financial Crimes unit of the Dutch National Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation to worldwide fraud practices that are known as "Advance fee-fraud" or "419-fraud".

If you have had contact with suspects from The Netherlands and have fallen victim to this fraud, we urge you not to send any more money. We would appreciate if you would cooperate in our investigation by sending us a written report with the following information in the format shown below:


  • your full name;
  • date of birth, place of birth and country of birth;
  • profession and nationality;
  • full contact address and country;
  • phone and fax number and e-mail address

hereby officially report a case of fraud to the Dutch National Authorities.

Please give a chronological overview of your case, including the following aspects:

  • How was contact first established with the suspect?
  • How were you approached?
  • Who approached you (if possible with full name, phone- and fax number and e-mail address)?
  • What was the role/function of this person?
  • How was the case described to you by the suspect?
  • With whom else have you had contact and what were the roles/functions of these persons?
  • Make a list of all contacts you have had with the suspect and the other parties involved (as much as possible with date, time, by phone, fax or e-mail?)
  • Have you ever met one or more of the suspects in person?
  • If so, could you recognise them again?

Please state if you have made any payments, and if so, why.

Make a list of all payments made, stating the amount, the date, the beneficiary and the method of payment (cash, direct deposit, Western Union). Also note the information you have about the bank and the account number and name of the account holder.

Please state that this statement and the information contained within can be used in a federal procedure against the suspect. Also state that you claim back from the suspect all the money that you have payed.

Finally, you need to state that you have filled this report truthfully. Do not forget to sign it.

Send this report and all documents you have received or sent and all confirmations of receipt. Also include a list of all documents sent in your report.

Dienst Nationale Recherche Informatie
Landelijk Bureau Fraude
Postbus 3016
2700 KX Zoetermeer
The Netherlands

If you are a victim please read Reporting Frauds and Scams to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies also!

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