Flash Mob 14

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Welcome to the Fourteenth Flash Mob!

Valentine's Day is February 14th, the perfect time to tell that special someone in your life just how much you care about them. We want to show the scammers some love this month! Help us make them some of the most popular sites on the internet... so popular, in fact, that all their bandwidth gets used up!

Starting February 13, at midnight GMT, we'll be visiting lad banks all day long. And telling lads how much we love them. And sending them sweet notes letting them know we care.

Listen to our Radio 419 broadcast during the flash mob, and join us in chat!

Not sure what a Flash Mob is? Read More Here!

Don't understand what it is we're fighting against? Learn more about Advance Fee Fraud and see why it's a problem (read about Fake banks and Web sites in the news).

Extra nice Flash Mob news: Nigerian 419 scammer jailed for 376 years by a Lagos court!

Visit some Fake Banks!

Check out The Artwork here & read all the details of The Targets here!

Write complaints to the hosters!

The Most Important Rules:

  • Be accurate
  • Be polite
  • Be persistent

If you don't want to write your own letters from scratch, then feel free to include our pre-written evidence lists! (If you see anything we've missed, let us know!)

What else can I do?

  • Tell all your friends and family about Flash Mob Day... it's an easy way to make a small difference in the world, and you get to see some funny fake banks as a bonus.
    • Display our banner (30 Kb) on your Web page and link to http://wiki.aa419.org/index.php?title=Flash_Mob_14
    • Tell your favourite newspaper, radio station or online media about this event.
    • Post this information in forums, bulletin boards, mailing lists, usenet groups, and Web sites -- link to this page!
    • Translate this page into your language and repost it -- make the Flash Mob a multilingual event!
  • You can find over 6,000 fake web sites in our searchable database of fake banks and lotteries. Sign up in our forum to learn how to take down banks with a quick and easy abuse complaint -- most banks don't need to be bandwidth attacked!
  • Get in touch with the scammers and taunt them when their site goes down! We've given you their phone numbers and email addresses.
    • Fill in their contact forms -- ask about what sort of fees they charge. Give them fake information that sounds real, and make them waste time on pretend victims!
    • Email the fake bank designers who registered these scam sites.
    • Phone up the fake bank and order a pizza. Get angry when they say they won't deliver! (Watch out though -- they use mobile phones, and calling them can get expensive!)
    • But if you want to play with criminals, remember -- NEVER GIVE THESE CROOKS YOUR REAL INFORMATION!!!
  • Use our subscription services to be notified of future Flash Mobs.
  • Share your comments and thoughts with other Flash Mobbers on the aa419.org forums or the 419eater Scam Baiter Forum
  • Chat with your fellow Flash Mobbers!
  • Listen to Radio 419!