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Before completing the contact form below, please read the following:

The Artists Against 419 specialise in identifying and closing down fake websites.
Therefore, contact us ONLY:

  • If you want to let us know about a fake web site. Please include the URL so that we can check it.
  • If you have a question about the AA419 web site or the work we do.

Please do NOT contact us:

  • If you have been a victim of internet fraud. If you have lost money to an internet scammer, we cannot help you recover it. You should report this crime to the police. If you have given the scammer any financial information, such as your bank or credit card details, you should also immediately contact your bank.
  • Should you require further help, consult a site that specializes in victim assistance. ScamSurvivors is a knowledgeable, trusted consumer facing partner that can assist you. You can get ScamSurvivor's assistance by contacting them on their forum.
  • If you want our help to "trace" a scammer. We cannot investigate individual cases of internet fraud.
  • If you have received a scam email. There are literally thousands of these in circulation. We can do nothing to stop them. They always come from free email accounts, such as Yahoo or Hotmail. They are registered with fake names and addresses, and are, therefore, impossible to trace. Don't reply to it, just delete it.
  • If you want to ask us if the email telling you that you have won a lottery is real. These emails are NEVER real. To win a lottery, you must first buy a ticket. There are no exceptions to this.
  • If you want to ask us whether the person who has contacted you and wants to give you a share of their millions of dollars is genuine. These offers are NEVER real. Neither are the "barristers", "lawyers" and "accountants" that this person will claim to put you in touch with.

DO NOT CONTACT US TO ASK WHETHER A COMPANY LISTED IN OUR FAKE SITES DATABASE IS REALLY FAKE. THEY ARE. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE IN OUR DATABASE. If you have questions about sites in the database, then go to our discussion forum and talk about it there.

And finally, please understand that your message will be received by humans. The Artists Against 419 is run solely by volunteers who give up their spare time willingly and for no reward other than to help the fight against internet fraud. So, if you're asking us something and would like to receive a reply, endeavour to use the word "please", and attempt to maintain at least a minimum of politeness. Otherwise your message is likely to be ignored. Thank you!

No Marketing!

JasperAI, Pictory, ThriveCart, and their affiliates: Artists Against 419 specifically prohibits you from using this contact form. We do not want your garbage spam.

Website designers and SEO marketers: Please do not contact us, we have no requirement for your services.

General Spam: We are not a business, we do not sell anything. Any form of commercial solicitation via this contact form will be considered abuse and treated as allowed for in our Privacy Policy which may include blacklisting, public naming and shaming, also full sharing of such information with anti-abuse groups such as Stop Forum Spam.

Privacy Policy

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