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Welcome to Artists Against 419

The Internet is great, isn't it? It's a magical place, where you can buy anything you want, meet new people, find information... and lose all your money to scammers.

We've never liked that last part, so we started to fight back. Over time our art has evolved, and we now maintain the largest online repository of web sites used in internet fraud.

We offer a complete public interface for our site visitors, as well as database access through webservices which can be used for automated retrieval of fake bank entries. Web browser toolbars use our database feed to warn users that a site they visit is a fake company run by scammers. But most importantly, we continue to build better relations with other anti-fraud organizations and webhosting companies, to pursue our goal of ridding the Internet of fraudulent web sites.

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Announcement: Anti Phishing Working Group


We believe that open communication between all companies and groups involved in the fight against internet fraud is the only way to combat it.

To that end, the Artists Against 419 are proud to announce their membership of the Anti Phishing Working Group (APWG), and look forward to co-operating with its many members. Our main focus of work will remain fake websites used in Advance Fee fraud, but we aim to share our knowledge where possible.

For more information on the APWG, please click on their logo above.

Announcement: Copyscape

Copyscape is an excellent set of tools for finding plagiarized content. Many website owners only learn that their online content has been stolen and is being used in fraud, once we alert them. Regardless of whether you are a causal online shopper wishing to verify the authenticity of an online service using Copyscape's free plagiarism checker, an investigator using Copyscape Premium or a business owner using Copysentry, Copyscape is a must in your bookmarks.