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The aa419 Webservice Project is to provide automated access to our Fake Site Database. Our JSON API is a way for computer programs to read our database. Computer programs with a webservice interface can access and read from data from our database. Its intended use is to enable webmasters of anti-advance fee fraud websites to provide up-to-date lists and a search functionality of fake sites on their own respective websites. It's a way for webhosting companies, registrars, registries and for other interested parties (including Law Enforcement Agencies) to automate the search for fraudulent domains or to embed the aa419 database into their particular application. Our JSON API access is open to anyone who needs information about fraudulent entities in a more structured way than the public web-interface offers.

Obtaining access

To access our API is simple.

  • Register an account on the Artists Against 419 database page at https://db.aa419.org/ under the Login tab.
  • Confirm the account in the email that is sent.
  • Login into the Artists Against 419 database.
  • Click on the your account tab.
  • Note your unique Auth-API-Id 32 aplhanumeric character string.

Using the JSON API

The documentation on the current methods is dynamically generated. While logged into the Artists Against 419 database, visit https://db.aa419.org/api.php to obtain the current documentation. A copy of this output dated 2022/02/05 can be found at https://www.aa419.org/jsonapi/