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Advance Fee Fraud Information

  • The 419 Coalition - Fighting the Nigerian Scam with Education
  • 419Legal - South African Police Services site dedicated to public education, identification of fraud, and investigation of South African cases of advance fee fraud.
  • Scam-O-Rama - The letters posted here illustrate hilariously unsuccessful attempts at advance fee fraud.
  • 419eater - Scambaiting humor from the UK
  • "Dutch", "Belgian", "British", and "Swiss" Lottery Scam - Explanation of the Lottery Scam, including examples of lottery scam emails and documents.
  • - Site which runs news articles about the latest spams and scams.
  • International Centre for Nigerian Law (ICFNL) - "A comprehensive guide to and resource for persons all over the world who do or want to do business with Nigeria or are interested in the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria." They have an excellent FAQ section which discusses various 419 scams.

Scum Mirrors

A Scum Mirror is set up as a way to warn potential victims -- if they do a web search for the name of their "bank", they will also find these mirrors!

Other Artists' Answers to 419

Nigerian Art and Artists

  • Nigeria - Home of Nigerian Arts on the Internet
  • NigeriaWEB - Web sites dedicated to the Arts and culture of the Nigerian people