Flash Mob History

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The 1st 419 Flash Mob killed a single fake bank site in December 2003 with the Fake Banker's Nightmare.

For the 2nd Flash Mob we set the goals a little bit higher and aimed at five fake banks at once. All five banks were put out of business in less than 24 hours.

During the 3rd Flash Mob people from all over the world successfully shut down 27 fake banks.

On World's Fools Day, the 4th FlashMob shut down 19 fraudulent sites in less than 24 hours again.

The 5th Flash Mob shut down another 17 fradulent sites completely and made life difficult for 25 others.

The 6th Flash Mob had great success -- the first bank shut down within 15 minutes and others fell throughout the day.

During the 7th Flash Mob, flash mobbers nuked 6 fraudulent sites!

During the 8th 419 Flash Mob, five fake lotteries went out of business.

On Nigeria Day 2004 we nuked 3 fake banks!

For the tenth Flash Mob on November 1 2004, we spooked scammers when the Halloween Flash Mob killed 6 fake sites!

To celebrate Chinese New Year 2005, we held a special Chinese New Year Flash Mob and took out 8 fakes on Chinese servers, as well as a bunch of others on the side!

In Flash Mob number twelve, we killed fifteen fakers (three more than we expected) in forty-eight hours!

And the "Lucky Number 13" Flash Mob took out 9 lad banks

The Flash Mob 14 was held on the 13th and 14th February, 2006. The Artists and their supporters terminated 26 fake banks, many of them on Chinese servers. This was hitherto the most successful Flash Mob!

Our Fifteenth Flash Mob was a real party -- great recordings of scammers making fools of themselves broadcast over our streaming radio! Not to mention dozens of complaint letters written to take a bunch of sites offline...