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Worldwide Flash Mob! The World is laughing at Fraudulent Sites!

The 419 Flash Mob is a worldwide online event against fraudulent websites - it's 48 hours of fun - it's a faker maker's nightmare: For two days, people from around the world raise awareness of fraud by focusing on a select group of fraudulent websites.

Since December 2003 fifteen Flash Mobs have run. Read more about Flash Mob History. Some web hosting companies don't care about individual complaints about fake websites -- so we send them many complaints on one day. It's hard to claim you're unaware of illegal activity on your servers if you've gotten hundreds of abuse complaints!

The criminals have made millions with these fraud sites in the past. We want them kicked off the internet before they're able to convince new victims that they're a legitimate. We want to work with hosters and registrars to assist them in being proactive about the content on their servers.

It's time that we made our voices heard!

While you're waiting for the next flash mob to start, we recommend joining our day to day fraudulent website killing group.

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